Frequent Questions

Quest Swingers Club FAQ's

Is Sex Guaranteed at Quest?

  • No. As with all genuine swingers clubs sex is never guaranteed.
  • Genuine Swingers Clubs do NOT employ staff to have sex with guests - Only brothels guarantee sex.
  • Paid staff members would be classed as prostitutes - Swingers are NOT prostitutes (or Call Girls, Escorts, or Gigilos).
  • Guests at the Quest Swingers Club are expected to have sex only with people they are attracted to, and who are attracted to them.
  • Every guest has the right to say NO at anytime to other guests.
  • People pressuring another guest to have sex with them will be asked to decline and may be removed from the premises.
  • Because a guest maybe playing with another guest does not mean that you have the right to join in.

Do we have to dress up for theme nights?

  • No. You may wear what you wish at any of our events, it is just more fun if people join in the spirit of the event. However it's best if you dress to impress the same way you would if you were having a night out on the town. We don't accept tracksuits or workwear at any time. Let's be honest if you are not going to make an effort with your appearance, what kind of effort will you make with those you meet? However we do have a dress down by 10.30pm on a Friday & Saturday night policy

If we come to the club, do we have to play with someone?

  • No. You only do what you want to do. (see the etiquette page for proper club behaviour)

How many people come to the club?

  • This is always an unknown, a reasonable question but difficult to answer, as people often decide which club they are going to on the night. At the point of your phone call to us there may only be a few in the club, but after you have put the phone down any number of couples could have arrived at the club. So please don't assume that the club is going to be 'Half empty' look at it as the club been 'Half full' which there is usually a good few couples in. Please don't sit outside thinking there isn't many cars as a lot of people use Taxi's, buses, trains or walk.

What is the age range of the people who attend the club?

  • The age range is from 18 through to 60, most people are in the age group of 25 - 45.

Do you have a private room?

  • Yes we do have a private room and it can be used free of charge. This is for couples who feel a little shy or just want to play on their own. If however you do wish to use the private room please bare in mind that there may be other couples in the club who want to do the same, so please don't take up the room for the full duration of the evening as this would not be fair on other members.

How Many Singles Do You Allow In?

  • This depends on the amount of couples we have in we have a ratio of 3 - 4 singles per couple, we asked our members what they felt was a fair number and this is what they came up with. We are finding however we do tend to get more couples than singles. So come on you single guys and girls we have couples looking for YOU!

Do I Need To Bring A Towel or Robe

  • You are very welcome to bring your own towel or robe with you if however you don't want to do this we do provide a locker with a towel free of charge. All you would require is a £5.00 returnable deposit for a locker key, if you bring your own towel and robe if you need a locker there will also be a £5.00 returnable deposit required.

Do I Need A Membership Card To Gain Entry

  • Yes you need a valid membership card to gain entry to the club, if you lose your membership card you must inform us ASAP. If you visit us without it you are not guaranteed entry. The exception to this rule is on a Tuesday & Thursday afternoon between 11.00am & 6.00pm when no membership is required but id is.